World Sailing / ISAF Offshore Personal Safety

For anyone going to sea on the open ocean, this one-day addition to the basic RYA Sea Survival course provides a detailed understanding of how to use the safety equipment on board your boat in the open ocean environment and is an essential requirement for many undertaking organised open water racing events. 

The course covers:

1. World sailing Offshore Special Regulations

2. Care and maintenance of safety and other equipment (Checks at sea)

3. Storm sails

4. Damage control and repair

5. Heavy Weather (Crew routines, boat handling, streaming drogues/warps)

6. MOB (Man overboard – prevention and recovery)

7. Giving assistance to other craft

8. Weather Forecasting

9. Fire precautions and Fire fighting

10. Communications Equipment – VHF, GMDSS and Sat Comms

11. Pyrotechnics and EPIRBs

Our instructors will bring their unique experience and insights which they have gained from over 20 years of practical sailing around the world. You should leave the course with a good knowledge of disaster prevention at sea, survival techniques, the safety equipment carried on offshore craft and how best to survive. You will receive the World Sailing Personal Safety Course Certificate.

  • 14th Jan 2024- Day 2 WSOPS course consisting of the RYA Sea Survival Course. Day 2 fee: £120
  • 15th Jan 2024- Day 1 World  Sailing  Offshore Personal Safety Course (WSOPS). Day 1 fee: £120
  • 24th Feb 2024- Day 1 World  Sailing  Offshore Personal Safety Course (WSOPS): fee: £120
  • 25th Feb 2024- Day 2 WSOPS course consisting of the RYA Sea Survival Course: fee: £120


If you do not hold a valid RYA Sea Survival certificate (less than 5 years old) you must complete both days (course fee: £240).

If you have the valid RYA sea survival certificate and just wish to complete the WSPS Day 1, the WSPS will be valid from the date your  Sea Survival certificate was issued (course fee: £120).

2 days made up of 1 day World Sailing Personal Safety (WSPS) + 1 day RYA Sea Survival course.


Both must be completed for the WSPS certificated to be issued.

If the student already has the RYA Sea Survival certificate issued within the last 5 years the WSPS day alone can be undertaken but the WSPS certificate will be issued from the date that the RYA Sea Survival certificate was awarded.

£240 if you need to complete both the World Sailing Personal Safety (WSPS) day and the RYA Sea Survival day


£120 if you already hold the RYA Sea Survival certificate and need to complete just the WSPS Training.   (You need to have taken the RYA Sea Survival course in the last 5 years.)

N.B. your WSPS certificate will run from the date of your Sea Survival completion.

Included in your course fee:

  • RYA Sea Survival course notes.
  • Lifejackets for pool liferaft training (although you are welcome to bring your own)
  • Morning & afternoon tea.

There are no additional course costs.

  • Please bring your own wet weather gear or loose clothing for the pool to experience first hand the difficulties of entering an inflated liferaft whilst fully kitted out.
  • Please note this course is non-residential. If you would like to arrange accommodation nearby, there are a few suggestions here.

Ability after course

  • World Sailing Personal Safety certificate
  • Understand how to prevent disaster at sea, how to deal with an emergency and how best to survive
  • Meets the current RORC life raft training regulations
  • Meets World Sailing Special Regulation 6.01
  • After 2006 became a requirement for all category 0, 1 & 2 races
  • Valid for 5 years (from the date of your RYA Sea Survival course)
  • 1-day refresher after 5 years

working together in the liferaft

Pre-course experience:  no prior knowledge required.