RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

This intensive 6-day course unravels the mysteries of celestial navigation, using a sextant, worldwide meteorology and voyage planning. It is also the first step in obtaining the MCA / RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence. It is suitable for competent navigators planning an ocean passage or those just interested in learning traditional navigation techniques. The course will equip you with the necessary theoretical skills to undertake an ocean passage as mate or skipper and is intended for those who already have some practical coastal and offshore cruising experience.

The course will cover all aspects of ocean navigation with particular emphasis on the use of astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology. The sessions on astro-navigation will teach you practical use of the sextant and allow you to confidently take sights at sea to obtain your position and carry out compass checks.

Our instructor has extensive ocean sailing experience, bringing the theoretical knowledge and skills to life to make this an engaging and invaluable learning experience in preparation for ocean cruising.

Equally important for ocean sailing is worldwide meteorology, passage planning and communications at sea. Publications that assist the ocean navigator such as routeing charts and other pilot books will be discussed.

The course also examines the technology available to help with ocean routeing and weather prediction, where time will be spent discussing the various computer programmes, internet sites and satellite/radio broadcasts available to the modern ocean navigator. Crew management, watch keeping, victualling, water and fuel management and emergency equipment are also covered.

At the end of the course there will be one exam paper. After successful completion of this course you will be ready to put the theory into practice on an ocean voyage.

If you are working towards your Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence, completion of this shorebased course exempts you from the written exam.

06-11th November 2022£420

To enquire about other dates or setting up a bespoke course for your group, please contact us.

1 to 1 Tuition

1:1 tuition is also available for this course – £1150  (5 days)

This includes training materials and tea and coffee. Please get in touch with your preferred dates.

  1. The earth and the celestial sphere
  1. The PZX triangle
  1. The sextant
  1. Measurement of time
  1. Meridian altitudes
  1. Sun, star and other sights
  1. Compass checking
  1. Satellite Navigation Systems
  1. Great circle sailing
  1. Meteorology
  1. Passage planning
  1. Passage making
  1. Communications

The course fee includes:

RYA Astro Navigation Handbook G78

RYA Navigation Table

RYA training charts

Use of sextant

Morning and afternoon tea

Free parking

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You will need to provide your own plotter, set up dividers,  notebook, pens and pencils.

TBC Please call us to discuss

The cost of the 6 day course is £420

Pre course experience:  your navigation skills should be at the standard of the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Offshore theory course and you should have some coastal and offshore sailing experience.

Ability after course

The course will provide you with the background knowledge required to skipper a yacht on ocean passages.